1. Be extremely grateful for everything you have

2. Be open to trying new things

3. Always listen to what someone has to say, even if you disagree

4. Eat more fruit and drink more water

5. Just do it, you’ll probably regret it if you don’t

6. Travel round Canada, it’ll be worth it

7. Climb up a mountain; think, chill, enjoy the peace

8. Read more

9. Write more

10. Follow your dreams no matter what

11. Never forget, or give up on your passions

12. Exercise, you’ll feel better for it

13. Don’t let failure stop you from trying again

14. Ask questions, lots of them

15. Do what you’ll say you’ll do, always

16. Write down your goals and pursue them

17. Go to more gigs

18. Say ‘Thank You’ more than you already do

19. Save a little money for a rainy day

20. Eat blueberries

21. Laugh. A lot

22. Create memories that’ll last forever

23. Age is just a number

24. Be happy, it’s the only way to be

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