5 tips to making an engaging Facebok page

With 350 million worldwide users a Facebook page offers huge potential for sports clubs. However, users are now inundated with thousands of pages all after their attention. So, how can you make your page stand out from the crowd, and keep the fans coming back?

1. Add a custom landing tab.

First impressions last, both online and offline, whilst your wall provides you with a great opportunity to post content and engage with fans, when a visitor first comes to your page you want them to arrive in a controlled environment where you can get your message across.

A custom landing tab will provide you with a great opportunity to present visitors with engaging content and grab their attention as soon as they arrive on your page.

2. Post quality content, often.

A Facebook fan page is an extension of your brand and a great opportunity to build up a vibrant community. However, you will only be able to build up a community if you post relevant and compelling content on a regular basis.

Research has proven that if you want to have a successful and engaging page you need to post a range of different content, you need to move beyond posting statuses and links to your wall and start to add multimedia content such as photos and videos.

If you are just starting up on Facebook you should try to post at least once a day, as your fanbase grows you will probably want to up your post frequency.

3. Spark Conversation.

Conversation and fan interaction are key to a successful and engaging page, if people feel there is a sense of community around your page they will keep coming back. Conversation can also help to grow your presence on Facebook, when someone interacts with your page (writes on your wall, posts an image etc.) this will appear on their profile and their friends’ News feeds, giving both your page and your brand free visibility.

Here’s a few ways you can spark conversation;

  • End your statuses with a question. Rather than posting “Can’t wait for the game tonight.” try “Can’t wait for the game tonight. Anyone got any score predictions?” This should spark conversation amongst your fans, you could even take this a step further and offer prizes to the first person who gets the correct score, but we’ll go into that in more detail in point 5.
  • Reply to fans comments as much as possible, I know it can be hard, especially if you get lots of comments, but try to respond to as many as you can. Remember, it doesn’t always take much to please your fans, most of them will be pleased with a response.
  • If you are posting an image or a video it could be worth adding the first comment yourself, again asking a question and sparking conversation.

4. Create a resource.

Make your page a resource and people will keep coming back to it. If your fans want information about your club, give it too them. This is something Liverpool FC do well on their page, they provide fans with the next fixtures, latest results and league table, for a Liverpool fan the page is not just a community it’s a useful resource.

On a daily basis Liverpool fans are far more likely to visit Facebook than the official Liverpool site, by giving them the info they want on Facebook and then linking this back to the official site Liverpool are probably increasing the traffic to their own site whilst at the same time offering great value to their Facebook fans.

5. Run competitions and promotional giveaways.

Competitions are a great way to engage fans and keep them coming back to your Facebook page.

A great example of this is the Revis Island giveaway currently being ran by the New York Jets. The idea is that once the Jets page reaches 100,000 fans they will give away a jersey signed by star player Derrelle Revis. This gives Jets supporters a reason to become a fan of the page and also provides the Jets with an opportunity to add to their mailing list with fans entering their name, phone number and email address in order to enter the competition.

What do you feel are the keys to an engaging Facebook page? Which teams do you think have the best fan pages?

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