Babel reveals he’s been dropped via Twitter

Ryan Babel today revealed on Twitter that he had been dropped from the Liverpool squad for this weekends game against Stoke.

Babel Tweeted: “The Boss left me out. No explanation.” A couple of hours later he followed this up with “What happened after a first good season? Scoring 10 goals, being young talent of the year, and then second and this season don’t play at all?”

This comes a few months after Hull striker Jozy Altidore was fined for a similar Tweet, revealing he was dropped for Hull’s game against Portsmouth.

Again, this highlights the need for our clubs and athletes to be given social media training, social media is something that should be embraced by athletes and clubs alike, not something we only here about in controversial situations. This is a subject I covered in my recent Sports Networker article, Twitter and the Premier League.

Obliviously this situation was born out of Babel’s frustrations at Liverpool, however, it’s a situation that probably could have been avoided. This also highlights the question: Who should be responsible for social media training? The clubs, players agents/management or players themselves?

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