Is content really king?

In my recent post ‘From Sports Team to Social Experience‘ I said I don’t totally agree with the social media clich√© ‘content is king,’ and I’d like to explain that statement.

In my opinion community is the most important factor in social media, and content, in most cases, is an indispensable stepping stone to building community.

if content is king, your community is GOD!
Gary Vaynerchuk

For me it’s the engagement and conversation around content that brings social media success and builds community. Constantly pumping out content is great, but engaging with the people who view and discuss it is often the difference between success and failure. This engagemnt is where relationships are built.

There are¬† people out there who are at the top of their industries but aren’t necessarily the best at what they do, they just know how to market themeselves. The same goes for many products and services. Content is of course a big part of their success but the community these individuals/brands build is what drives the sales and positions them at the top.

What do you think, is content really king?

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