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In my recent post on the UK Sports Network blog about Facebook Twitter and the Premier League I said, “I feel in order to increase their numbers of followers the majority of Premier League teams need to look at what value they offer their fans on Facebook and Twitter”. Following on from that statement I’d like to go into more detail about what content I feel Premier League clubs should offer fans and how they could make better use of their presence on Facebook and Twitter;

Club News and Information.

This is something that most clubs already post. These posts are usually the news and articles direct from the clubs website. Whilst it’s great to keep fans up-to-date with club news – these types of posts should only make up a small percentage of Twitter and Facebook updates. Fans can get club news from other (un-official) sources, in order to truly give fans value from their social media outlets clubs need to try and offer them more exclusive content that they can’t find anywhere else.

Insider access

Image posted to Twitter by Liverpool FC.

Sports fans love to hear and see what is going on behind the scenes at their club. With Twitter and Facebook it couldn’t be easier to give fans some insider access, also, no un-official pages or feeds can offer this content, so clubs should make the most of what is at their disposal.

Clubs don’t have to give away lots of content to keep their fans happy, it could be as simple as a quick picture at the training ground or the team leaving for a match, exclusive content like this is what will really create buzz amongst fans. Many clubs also offer Premium TV services to fans, by giving away small amounts of content in their Twitter and Facebook streams they could encourage more fans to sign up to paid services.


As I mentioned in a previous blog post, myself and many other fans don’t regularly check official club websites any more, as an Ipswich fan I don’t often visit and to be honest I don’t really know what offers or promotions (if any) the club is currently running – does this make me a bad fan, I don’ think so. Does it mean ITFC are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity by not using social media, yes.

Whilst you don’t want to use social media as a means of selling products it can be a great way to promote any sales and promotions clubs are running, whether its discounted tickets for a certain game or new merchandise promotions, Twitter and Facebook can be great ways to reach more fans with these offers.

I’d also like to see more clubs running Facebook and Twitter promotions exclusive to their fans/followers. Unless your are selling out your stadium week in week out what’s the harm in running a competition and giving away a couple of tickets?

Build conversation

Social media is all about conversation and engaging with fans, something many Premier League teams currently don’t seem to understand. Clubs should use Twitter and Facebook to build conversation with fans – use status updates to ask questions and of course try to answer any questions fans may ask.

Manchester City interacting with fans on Twitter.

If you take a look at the two Premier League clubs with the highest followings on Twitter, Liverpool and Machester City, you will often see a lot of @replies to fans on their pages. Then if you take a look at two of the clubs with a smaller following on Twitter, Wigan and Wolves, you will notice they have very few, if any, @replies to fans. This isn’t a coincidence and highlights the importance of engagement and interaction.

What content would you like to see clubs offering? Which clubs currently offer the best content to their fans?

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