Rediscovering My Love of Basketball

During the past couple of months I’ve rediscovered my love for the game of basketball. I only started playing when I was about 16, and gave up a year or so ago, after a combination of me snapping my ankle ligaments after jumping for a rebound, (ouch!), and my team folding shortly after my comeback.

Me trying (and probably failing) to dunk when I was younger.

During my year away from basketball I barely picked up a ball, or watched a game. But, a few months ago I took part in a charity game with a few friends and it reminded me how much I enjoyed playing, so I decided to permanently bring my Jordan’s out of retirement, and I’m loving it. The first few training sessions were a struggle, but I’m starting to get back into the swing of it now.

My comeback also got me thinking about a post Lewis Howes wrote a while ago, ‘Don’t Forget What You Are Passionate About: For Me, It’s Dunking!’ See video below. I completely agree with Lewis, it’s important not to forget your passions, during my year out I forgot how much I enjoyed basketball and if it wasn’t for that game a few months I may never have rediscovered it.

It’s not just on the court where I’m getting involved with the game, I’ve also started to think about basketball off the court and I’ve written a couple of articles about the ‘Back British Basketball’ campaign and how the sport can grow in here in the UK. If you’re interested you can read them on The UK Sports Network and

The responses I’ve had to these posts have engrossed me in the game even more, British Basketball fans are so passionate about the sport, it’s crazy. I already have a couple more basketball articles in the pipeline and it may well be area I write about and aim to work in a lot more in the future.

Whilst I may have made a comeback to playing, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be remembered for what I do on the basketball court but, maybe I can make a difference off of it….

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